Annual DRG Report CGH 8th of September has the best results

Diagnosis Related Groups (DRG) methodology, in addition to being a system for recording and billing of health services for acute hospital patients, is also a method for recording and funding the hospital healthcare. DRG contributes to standardization of the medical therapeutic procedures according to evidence-based medicine (protocols and clinical pathways), which are provided for each diagnosis by paying on average costs incurred for health services in any health facility. The DRG system is based on a central database of all health services in R. of Macedonia for the hospital patients, and other important statistical data (gender, age, weight, etc.). The access to these data, whether direct (unprocessed data) or via reports drafted by HIFM and other institutions provides comparability between hospitals in terms of efficiency, complexity of health services, range of health services at the PHI, capacity utilization and the like.