Temporary measures

Фондот за здравствено осигурување презема низа мерки во интерес на безбедноста на граѓаните на целата државата, како и на здравствените работници за да се минимизира непотребниот контакт меѓу матичните лекари и пациентите, кои треба да се обраќаат на лекар само кога тоа е навистина неопходно

Annual DRG Report CGH 8th of September has the best results

Diagnosis Related Groups (DRG) methodology, in addition to being a system for recording and billing of health services for acute hospital patients, is also a method for recording and funding the hospital healthcare. DRG contributes to standardization of the medical therapeutic procedures according to evidence-based medicine (protocols and clinical pathways), which are provided for each diagnosis by paying on average costs incurred for health services in any health facility.

Increased choice of medicines from different manufacturers to pharmacies and public health institutions borne by the HIFM

From June 11th, the list of brand name medicines borne by the Fund will be expanded with 80 new brand name medicines from 23 different manufacturers1 and companies, within the existing generics which will be 4% more medicines for the insureds. With this, the total count of medicines from different manufacturers available for the insureds and borne by the Fund is 2010 medicines or 52% of the registered medicines in the country.

Right to emergency and necessary healthcare of HIFM’s insureds abroad

The Health Insurance Fund of Macedonia shall notify all insureds that during their holidays they can exercise their rights to emergency and necessary healthcare using the bilingual form outside the territory of Republic of Macedonia in the following 17 states: Germany, Austria, Turkey, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium, France, Italy, Slovakia and Albania.

Blood donation action “Heart of Fund”

Today, as much as 20 out of total 800 employees in the Health Insurance Fund of Macedonia joined the blood donation action “Heart of Fund” which is organized in cooperation with the Institute of transfusion medicine.

New Contracts for Ortopedic Devices

Orthopaedic medical aids will be issued in 332 pharmacies with which the Fund concluded a contract through public procurement calls, correspondingly. The Health Insurance Fund enables execution of the right to use orthopaedic medical aids which annually allocates a significant amount of funds, providing 406 types of orthopaedic and other medical devices, or 1,210 devices from different manufacturers. As of October 31, 2016, the Fund had concluded contracts with 31 companies for handling orthopaedic aids on the territory of Macedonia, which have a network of 111 specialized shops. The funds for orthopaedic aids allocated by the Fund are increasing yearly, and in 2016 this amount reached 550 million denars.

Continuing trend of increased use of electronic services to this point 29,064 beneficiaries have used electronic services

In the context of promoting and facilitating communication between the Health Insurance Fund and the beneficiaries, the companies and health care workers, we have enabled a set of electronic services on the web portal of the Fund for a quick, easy and an effective way for the beneficiaries to exercise their rights and avoid the inconvenience of coming directly to the premises of the Fund.

Health Insurance Fund awarded the 10,000th voucher for in vitro

On 03.01.2017, the Health Insurance Fund awarded the 10,000th voucher for in vitro fertilization. The insured person who received the voucher is 43 years of age from Skopje, with initials S.M.M. The Fund wishes successful procedure and a baby in the New Year.

Increased use of electronic services 35,734 insured persons have so far used the electronic services of the Fund

Within the framework of promoting and facilitating the communication between the Health Insurance Fund and the insured persons, companies and health workers, we have provided a set of electronic services on the portal of the Fund so that the insured persons can exercise their legal rights in a quick, easy and efficient way, without having to come to the counters of the Fund.